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Europejskie Stowarzyszenie Promocji Aktywności Ruchowej 50+

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SENIORADA is an annual event that was first established in 2007 by EPAPA50+ in close cooperation with the students of Warsaw Academy of Sport, Rzeszow University, Gdańsk Academy of Sport and Opole Polytechnic.

Through this project the younger generation demonstrates solidarity with the older generation. EPAPA50+ prepare the programme of Seniorada with intergenerational interaction in mind. The purpose of Seniorada is to enhance the relations between the two generations and encourage joint activities. We aim to inspire the generations to spend their time together in an activities-based way.

In 2011 Seniorada became a nationwide picnic event. The locations now include Warsaw, Szamotuły, Rzeszów, Opole and Kozienice (joined in 2012). In late May and beginning of June the participants spend around 4 hours together in an active way. Each location offers different activities centred around intergenerational integration.
Darmowy Program PIT dostarcza Instytut Wsparcia Organizacji Pozarządowych w ramach projektu dla OPP.