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Europejskie Stowarzyszenie Promocji Aktywności Ruchowej 50+

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Seniorada is the national recreationalrnpicnic which has been coordinated by EPAPA 50+ since 2007. It is organised inrncooperation with different municipalities, research centres, local media, thernbusiness sector, volunteers and students of Training Courses for FitnessrnInstructors of elderly people (kinezygerontoprofilaktyka) at Warsaw Academy ofrnSport. In 2011 it broadened its scope and now it is held in five differentrnregions of Poland: Warsaw, Rzeszów (in the south-east), Opole (south-west),rnSzamotuły (in the west), and Kozienice (the central-western part of Poland).


Seniorada picnics 2013rnschedule:

  • Szamotuły – 19 May 2013
  • Kozienice – 2 June 2013
  • Opole – 8 June 2013
  • Warszawa – 09 June 2013
  • Rzeszów – 8 June2013