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Europejskie Stowarzyszenie Promocji Aktywności Ruchowej 50+

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PRO Woman 50+
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I choose me!
PRO Woman 50+ is a recreational programme for mature women and is organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Sport and Tourism since 2010. Initially it was established in four locations: Szamotuły, Rzeszów, Opole and Warsaw. In 2012 this was increased to 13 locations (within Mazowieckie, Wielkopolskie, Podkarpackie, Opolskie regions) and in 2013 it decreased to 8 locations: in Wielkopolskie region (Szamotuły, Kiszkowo), in Podkarpackie region (Rzeszów), Opolskie region (Opole, Komprachcice) and Mazowieckie region (Warszawa Wawer, Józefów, Legionowo). During the 3-month programme women take part in recreational training and attend a lecture. Programme PRO Woman 50+ is held under the banner of ‘I choose me!’ and focuses on mature women aged 45 – 60 and the opportunities open to them. The programme aims to include activities which help to improve women’s physical and psychological wellbeing. It also promotes healthy lifestyle and counteracts obesity. PRO Woman 50+ is designed to stimulate mature women to actively get involved in their community activities. This gives them the opportunity to develop new skills in the field of sport for all. Most active participants will be asked to join a special workshop which will result in the ‘Leader in Active Training Award’ – a certificate for demonstrating the ability to lead physical activity for others in their locations.

Schedule of courses in Opole region
Schedule of courses in Podkarpacie region  
Schedule of courses in Mazowsze region     

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