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Europejskie Stowarzyszenie Promocji Aktywności Ruchowej 50+

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Why donate 1% of your tax to EPAPA50+?
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By donating 1% of your personal tax to EPAPA50+ you are helping senior citizens become more active by including them in recreational activities.
Through our work we encourage the elderly to take part in recreational activities tailored to their level of physical capability.
We aim to create multiple groups of active seniors across Poland, where they will improve their physical fitness.  All the funds generated will go towards the remuneration for the instructors qualified to work with the elderly and towards venue hire.
About us
We are a public benefit organisation established in 2006. We know that a person who is physical active (within their capability) remains active for as long as possible. The results of the projects and research conducted by EPAPA50+ proves this. This is why we are inviting elderly people from every corner of Poland to actively participate in physical and recreational activities. We connect physical recreation instructors who work for and together with elderly people.

‘Actively through life’ is our motto.

EPAPA50+ is an organisation with many years of experience of working with and for elderly people’s physical fitness, established in 2006. Our aim is to promote physical activity among people over the age of 50.
We bring together sports instructors and specialists working with and for mature people. We are currently involved in various projects in 10 locations across Poland (in six voivodships). In 2018 approximately 5,500 senior citizens benefited from our support.

The beginnings
Health and functional fitness (for example, being able to function independently within one’s own home) are two of the factors that help determine the life satisfaction, wellbeing and the quality of life. The physiological process of ageing triggers many changes in people’s bodies that affect their independence, self-sufficiency, position in their families, as well as physical appearance. This then might become a cause of anxiety.  Therefore, it is imperative to stay active and maintain social relationships.
This is where EPAPA50+ is invaluable: by creating opportunities for mature people to stay active through various physical activities matching their interests, physical mobility and all-round general fitness. We assist our clients in maintaining social relationships and making new friends. In our work we aim to combat loneliness among the over fifties. The incidence of various diseases increases with age and it is so very important to stay active in later life when we are more susceptible to age-associated disease. Physical activities provided by our qualified instructors are tailored to the needs of the participants.

Our projects
We currently work in six voivodships in Poland and are involved in both nationwide and local projects. These include stand-alone events as well as repeat projects. In 2018 approximately 5,500 mature people benefited from our input and we aim to reach out to more people in other locations in the coming years.
Nationwide projects:
  • PRRO50+ project (Program Rekreacji Ruchowej Osób 50+ - Recreation Programme for People 50+) consists of 3 subprogrammes targeted at people at different ages:
  • PRO Woman 50+ (PRO Kobieta 50+) targeted at women at the age between 45 and 60;
  • PRO Men 50+ targeted at men aged between 45 and 60;
  • PRO Senior – targeted at anyone aged 61 and over.
Each programme offers two activities, both tailored to the needs and interests of the participants. For example: PRO Woman 50+ offers aqua gymnastics and yoga, PRO Men 50+ offers swimming and crossminton and PRO Senior offers senior spinal gymnastics, and circle dance.
Many groups established as a result of these projects continued to meet independently of PRRO50+  and as a result new groups have since been formed: for example, an oriental dance group and a Brazilian samba dance group in Jozefow, and the participants of PRO Men 50+ project formed a Nordic walking group called Nordiks and they march with their Nordic walking sticks on a regular basis. One of the participants of the PRO Women 50+ started her own blog about  her physical activities (
PRRO50+ project is co-funded by the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism and local partners: Rzeszow council, The Centre of Sport and Recreation in Jozefow (Integracyjne Centrum Sportu I Rekreacji)

Senior friendly outdoor gyms (Przyjazne siłownie plenerowe) – This Project aims to encourage mature people to use outdoor gyms through regular group sessions with a qualified instructor who offers guidance on how to use the exercise equipment properly. The project was run in 9 locations throughout Poland and was co-funded by Polish Ministry or Sport and Tourism and The Centre of Sport and Recreation in Jozefow (Integracyjne Centrum Sportu I Rekreacji)

Seniorada is an annual 1-day event during which we inspire the participants to spend their free time in active ways, and encourage them to monitor their health. Seniorada is run in 6 voivodships across Poland and is co-funded by the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Warsaw Town Hall and Rzeszow council.   

Local Projects:
  • Projects run in 1 location or a borough of a city. At the moment we run:
  • Żoliborska Szkoła Bezpieczny Senior (Warszawa Żoliborz) – Safe Senior School in Żoliborz part of Warsaw
  • Szamotulski AS (Szamotuły),
  • W zdrowym ciele zdrowy duch (Prószków) – Healthy body, healthy mind in Prószków
  • Z rowerem z ESPARem po Powiecie Szamotulskim (Szamotuły) – Cycling with EPAPA50+ through Szamotuly county (Szamotuły)
  • Seniorze włącz czujność (Warszawa) – Stay vigilant! In Warsaw
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